A symposium for Culture

By 13/11/2017food Stories

A symposium for Culture

2nd Athens Culture Symposium 2017 -Investing in Culture: Destination Culture

A symposium dedicated to Culture that was held in the magical building of the American School of Classical Studies on a rainy Monday, and brought together particularly interesting speakers as well as riveting subjects, such as “the interaction between culture and tourism”, “the business product takes the cultural project on a voyage”, “Culture needs a manager”, and “New trends”!

Despite the fact that the weather did not cooperate, we looked after our guests even better, with hot beverages, morning cakes and cookies; with our love!

Lunch brought the excitement of freshly cut sandwiches with grilled vegetables… Cypriot pita bread with chicken, apple and curry and velvet brioches with speck and fig chutney exhilarated everyone; the author of “Sukhum” Yiota Ioannidou, who comes from Pontos, said that the leek and cheese pie with the handmade phylo pastry was out of this world – and she knows her pies!

The time of the evening cocktails was for me children’s party time, the best time for me, although I was so tired I didn’t know what to do with my body… Divine Cretan goat’s cheese, epic Manouri, an incomparable pecorino sardo, dreamy scamorza and a provolone fit to be worshipped!

They were all haphazardly cut, beautifully paired with the most flavourful chutneys and regaled palates of the happy attendees!