The photographs that overwhelmed me early in the morning found me still enveloped in my bed.

An other-worldly nature turned upside down the discontentment of recent days, immersed me in its serene and undisturbed dimension and reminded me life’s ultimate truths, all of its secrets… It does that every time!

A quick trip to Lefkada, which brimmed with ecstatic moments.
Days of melancholy and yet also brightness, persisting clouds, the vastness of the sky and the island’s ineffable tranquillity.

I see them now through cracks in memory and their symbolisms thrill me.

I remember my unified pieces, those that go beyond any roles, that can neither be determined or changed; I recall what I am and always will be, that on which I can cling when all frayed ends will be gone: A lesson in Authenticity


Chipping Away The Excess,
We Are What’s Left