If you are imagining something more particular than the organization of a formal dinner or a cocktail party, we have both the will and the way to make it come true.

And the more special it is, so the better for us.

Constantly, looking for new ideas with our artistic consultant Nikos Tsaoussis, we organize cross-over events in usual as well as controversial venues. Based on your wishes, we create thematic experiences for your private or corporate events, your parties or even your wedding, taking care of the smallest detail, from supervising the food, the drinks, the happenings, to the “scenery”, the music, as well as the photography.

We develop a number of special ideas:

  • An interesting proposal is the organizing of thematic dinners based on historical cooking, with the invaluable collaboration of Marianna Kavroulaki.

  • We plan and implement menus inspired by Ancient Greek or Byzantine dinners, from the tables of Renaissance Crete or the Ottoman kitchen and the urban kitchens of the 19th century.

  • We can also prepare a buffet with a variety of handmade bread and cheeses from various historic periods or create a vegetarian menu based on historic recipes.

  • Another idea is the opera events. You choose, or we help you choose, the opera you like, as well as the era you want to “place” it in, and we select the tenor who will perform it with the appropriate costume and scenery of the time.
All these ideas and much more can be brought to life, in the best way.

And become memorable moments.