We live in a world which is constantly changing from day to day. We live in a world that accelerates and does not allow us to hit the brakes. We live in a world, where people – now more than ever – need to escape, to take a deep breath and reconnect with themselves and with others. Travelling is an ideal way to achieve this.

Travelling allows us to open our hearts and learn more about ourselves and the world we live in. Our journeys initiate us to be creative and curious “children”. They help us slow down and escape into an alternate reality, which is beyond real.

What do we remember when we return from our travels? The authentic and genuine experiences we lived, which are always connected with the people who we encountered along the way.

The Greece Handcrafted Project, inspired by the ‘truth’ that lies within travel experiences, has been created with love and dedication for the beauty of Greek nature, history, tradition and philosophy. Born from our desire to offer genuine Greek hospitality through the experiences which gift our guests an unadulterated sense of the Greek land. Born from our desire to fill people’s hearts with powerful memories by showing them the Greek sense of well-being in the form of an experience.

The Greece Handcrafted Project presents personalized experiences, some of which are:

  • sailing trips
  • cooking classes
  • food and wine

  • pottery classes
  • cultural walks
  • photography tours