Greece! A magic place which has many things to offer to the whole world.
A unique tourist destination which can offer unforgettable experiences to the travelers that visit it. It’s a place full of small and emerging tourist agencies which try to deliver their very best, but, every now and then, fail. A place, where there are many people who honestly and seriously want to be involved in the creation of tourism experiences, but do not know where to start from.

We are here to supply guidance to everyone and anyone who wants to promote Greece as an authentic tourist destination by using their skills, or by developing their skills, in an experiential manner. We achieve this through well-organized expert training programs, shaped to your needs, with supporting groups and teams or/and by offering our “philoxenia” coaching services (one-to-one meetings).

The subjects of our passionate involvement, in which we have rich professional experience, are the following:

  • Creation of a gastronomical experience
  • Organization and operation of tourist residences and small boutique tourist units
  • Creation of experiences focused on Greek hospitality

We carefully listen to you and we strive to understand your needs. Together we build goods, services and hospitality, which depict and are worthy of Greece!