Imagine a laid, cottage table among cypresses, olive and lantana trees, overlooking the unique turquoise waters of Lefkada… Imagine the large platters of fresh grilled vegetables and seafood prepared by Olga spread on the table; the cutlery clinging melodically with the china and the stemware being magically refilled with Romboti rosé…

All the above, combined with beautiful local music, compose an unforgettable experience that smells of Greece! An experience that calms the mind and heart, an experience “filled” with aromas, tastes and sounds of the authentic Greek nature flooding your soul, offering you a real sense of well-being!

Join us in Lefkada, on this unique island that combines rich biodiversity and authentic Greek hospitality, in an incredible way. Join us in Lefkada and meet the “other” Greece, the pure, the true, the immaculate, the spiritual. The kind of Lefkada that is only known and revealed to us!

Join us in Lefkada and live carefree, substantial, interesting and memorable moments. Join us in Lefkada and find out, through the exclusive hospitality experiences which we design to order, about life and its meanings!