Imagine an appetizing meal with white tablecloths, matching crockery and cutlery, in-season flowers in vases and people who are there to meet your every need so you can feel at home…

Imagine Greek culinary flavors with notes of herbs and hints of spices, local creamy white or aged yellow cheese, fine sauces, seasonal vegetables, and exquisite bottled wines with their stemware…

These are the delicious stories that Delitopia loves to narrate. They are inspired by Greek nature, culture and history. They are the delicious stories with the delicious flavors of Greece.

We plan exceptional company events, cocktail parties and all sorts of events at simple, modest locations, or at unusual, alternative venues, which represent you. We create gastronomical experiences based on your preferences, taking care of every detail, ensuring everything you have or even haven’t imagined comes true:

  • cheese & wine experience
  • thematic dinners based on historical cuisine
  • menus which draw their inspiration from the dinners of Ancient Greece or Byzantium, of Renaissance Crete or from Greek urban cuisines
  • variety of homemade breads and cheeses from historical ages
  • vegetarian meals based on historical recipes
  • opera events: together we choose the opera you prefer, as well as the era with which you want to dramatize it. Then, we pick the soprano who will perform the piece and the respective costumes and era setting.
With these ideas and many more, we offer authentic hospitality, with love, dedication and strong will. You will get in touch with the life experiences that the Greek cuisine has to offer. Life experiences that will remain unforgettable! Because “everything is possible around a table!”!