Sissy is here…

to take risks with hard work and dedication, supporting clear judgment that springs from integrity and beauty of her clients while offering hospitality, a sense of security to open up to life so people can leave their positive footprint.


Everything involves dedication. Gastronomical and alternative tourism projects are built with diligence and care, paying attention to every detail. Her guests are honored and made to feel happy by the genuine experiences that are provided and created for them.


The authentic experiences she puts together are truly beautiful. Beauty lies within their colors, within their simplicity and quality and in the story these experiences narrate.


To narrate these tales of hospitality, Sissy uses Nature and its products as her tool to instill the life lessons and teachings of Greek culture. She implements pieces of herself, her own empirical knowledge, generating positive vibes in the lives of her clients.

The story of DELITOPIA

Delitopia was established by Sissy Stranomiti as a unique shop with gourmet products from all over the world, focusing on products that are native to Greece. Gradually the shop evolved into a catering business, unlike conventional catering services, offering integrated and comprehensive hospitality experiences and “setting the table”. Sissy delivers a perfect blend of local, Greek ingredients and recipes which rekindle childhood memories of Sunday family meals – a genuine taste of a Greek family gathering for lunch on Sunday.

Nevertheless, Sissy did not stop there. Having studied Law, Journalism and Hotel Management alongside inheriting her father’s charismatic zeal, she began learning about the Greek diatrofi (diet). Ancient Greek philosophy, as well as the newest trends in creating experiences. Thus, she launched multidimensional, gastronomical and thematic tourism project, integrating the harmony of nature with the superior art of companionship, warmth and the healing power of love.

Life has taught her that isolation only exists in isolation; once you share it, it vanishes. For this dive into intimacy, there is no better way than genuine experiences which carry powerful, yet peaceful and harmonious sentiments, consistently depicting Greek well-being.